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D.I.Y Fermented Rice Water Kit

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Rice water has been used in Eastern medicine to keep skin pliable and youthful-looking and to make hair grow strong and shiny since ancient times, in places ranging across the Asian continent.

Rice water contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin, including ferulic acid, which is a great antioxidant, and allantoin, known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Fermented rice water is better than unfermented rice water as it contains more nutrients and its pH (around pH 5 - 6) is closer to that of healthy skin and hair.

It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, and traces of Pitera, a substance produced during the fermentation process. 'Pitera' has grown in poplularity recently, and is touted as the anti-aging elixir due to its ability to promote cell regeneration, boost collagen production and help skin stay young & beautiful.

With this kit, making and using pure & potent fermented rice water is easy and affordable, supplying you with freshly fermented rice water made from organic rice grains whenever you need it!

~ Facial & body cleanser ~ Facial toner/ refines skin to make it smoother & more youthful looking ~ Helps to even out skin tone & pigmentation ~ Acne treatment ~ Helps to reduce eczema ~ Calms irritated skin and reduces skin inflammation ~ Sunburn soother ~ Cleans and conditions scalp and hair ~ Increase hair growth ~ Repairs dry & damaged hair ~ Fertilizer water for plants

This kit includes:

1. 580ml Glass jar x 1

2. 200ml Plastic Spray Bottle x 1

3. 100g Organic White Rice Grains x 1

4. White Cotton Gloves x 1 pair

5. Fermented Rice Water Instructions Booklet x 1

Disclaimer: We firmly believe that the basis of healthy skin has more to do with what we eat, think, feel and do! When we put in the effort to consciously eat healthy, live healthy, think healthy & feel healthy, our skin becomes effortlessly radiant and beautiful! 

Our skin is an amazingly complicated and complex organ, and together with its healthy & balanced microbiome, is independently able to keep itself healthy and balanced in most circumstances. Thus, as long as we are doing our part in our health department, our externally applied skincare should be minimal, fresh and most importantly, minimize harm to and support our skin and its microbiome as much as possible.

At K.I.S Elemental, we are proud to say that this forms the basis of all our skincare products and formulations!

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